The Spy Who Shrunk Me “Corporate Transparency” Update Now Available!

We have updated The Spy Who Shrunk Me to version 0.11.0 with the new Corporate Transparency Update!


See enemies through walls with the handy dandy Spytacles! With 20 seconds of wallhacking fun and two per mission, this should help you in a tough spot. It’s especially useful when trying to evade guards trying to find you. Mix this with the Stopwatch and you can truly evade enemy patrols.

You can pick up the Spytacles in the “Mind of Madness” mission.

The “Mind of Madness” and “Mind of Madness, Redux” missions have been updated with more stealth action, greatly expanding the laboratories and beyond. Additionally, all levels have been updated with Spytacles and Stopwatch pickups!

As always, we fixed everything™ from minor visual glitches to bigger things like saves not functioning correctly.

Here’s the full patch notes for your enjoyment.

– Added new tutorial video for the Stopwatch
– Flipped viewmodels for Stopwatch and Spytacles
– Added FIVR and Mikko Juutinen to the credits
– Minor savegame fixes

Operation Improbable
Thanks Pungence for bringing these to attention!

– Fixed colliders
– Fixed floating objects
– Blocked a path through the first lasers which was not supposed to be there
– Added an effect and a sound when opening the blast doors

A Mind of Madness
– Added a new gadget, Spytacles, which allows you to see enemies through walls! Use this to your advantage to better plan your routes and slip through
undetected. The effect only lasts for 20 seconds per use, so plan your usage carefully!
– Expanded the whole level roughly 50% to be more in line with original design intentions and to give you opportunities to test out
the new gadget.

Beyond the Books
– Added Spytacles pickups
– Fixed minor lighting Issues

Artificial Insanity
– Added Spytacles pickups

A Mind of Madness, Redux
– Expanded the level, again, roughly 50% with the addition of an exquisite lobby bar after the laboratory portion of the level

Person of Importance
– Fixed colliders
– Fixed pathfinding issues
– Added two more enemy guards and associated patrol routes

Rocket Jockey
– Added Spytacles pickups
– Added three guards and associated patrol routes to otherwise barren locations
– Fixed texture errors
– Resolved large pathfinding issues around the rocket and a few smaller ones elsewhere
– Fixed colliders

We’re a team of six and our future schedule got a bit bouncy due to us going to GDC in March! 

So we’re moving the new mission to after the VR version. So “Quaternion Identity”, the new mission, will come now in April instead of March. As we said before, the roadmap might get changed a bit so we hope you don’t mind this necessary change.

Stay tuned for the end of the month where we’ll have Audrey’s home base & collectibles!

VR version is still on schedule for next month! We’re really excited to get you playing that.

Have a blast,
Tomi Toikka