Taphouse VR Shots and Buckets content update now live!

– New tavern: CIDER GUILD HALL! This hard tavern is great for practicing your skills around a small bar with a lot of customers.
– New feature: Dwarves now order shots! Pour them the amount of shots of the right kind to rake in the dough.
– New feature: Dwarves now order bucketfuls of beverages. You can find a bucket under the counter.
– New feature: Leaderboards! Track your progress and become the best bartender. You can find the leaderboards at your home hub.
– New scoring algorithm for the game that takes into account knocked out customers and drink accuracy as well as the old values (gold, etc.)
– New beverage: Water
– Tweaked lighting to suit our gloomy tavern atmosphere a bit better
– Significantly faster loading times
– Removed useless glass rack buttons
– Prettier UI for the options and game menu
– Better beverage shader
– Added achievement for completing a shift at the Cider Guild Hall.
– Minor text fixes
– Minor bug fixes and performance improvements