Catland First Anniversary!

Catland turns one year old! It has been an amazing journey full of surprises, twists and turns. But the most important thing is.

You’re here!

Our wonderful fans. Because of your wonderful reviews, videos and comments about Taphouse VR, we have secured our funding to continue doing great stuff.

We want to keep doing these weird games for you guys. Starting with our yet-to-be-announced spy adventure coming this year, we’re doing both PC and VR for all Catland games.Why both PC and VR?

You have probably seen those Steam charts showing what kind of a market we’re being given currently in the virtual reality space:

  • Sales and playtime are getting poor across the board, with new titles hardly getting any playtime (Taphouse VR being a surprising exception, we’re tracking record numbers even still – some of you truly love Taphouse!)
  • Stagnated hardware market – we’re still waiting on those Knuckles so we can make you break glasses in your hand by squeezing too hard. Volvo pls send us those things.
  • Generally a lesser interest with investors for pure VR companies, which makes it really hard to do just virtual reality.

On the flip side…

  • We’re still in the very infancy of VR tech. So given time, we’re getting better technology from leading hardware manufacturers.
  • We are seeing a lot more public interest in VR (thanks, Ready Player One!) thus increasing interest in developing more for it.
  • You guys are definitely showing that you love VR, you want to play and experience VR and you definitely want more VR.

So we’re doing both. Don’t worry – neither side will lose attention on this. The games will be wonderful in PC and even more immersive and wonderful in VR. So whether you like pancake mode or strapping on a headset, we’ll have something for both sides.

And Taphouse VR. We made the base game in just four months and managed to cram many, many content updates in it. We want to bring this game out of Early Access by the end of the year with a huge content update. As always, stay tuned. TL;DR:

We will strive to always do the best virtual reality experiences you’ve known to love. Our next game will be for both PC and VR. We’re bringing Taphouse VR out of Early Access this year with a huge content update!And now a sneak peek!

You know we’ve been working really hard on our next project right? It’s been under the wraps for a long time. Some of you might have seen the work-in-progress footage in Taphouse VR even! I’ll reveal just a little bit more until we’re ready to announce the game proper. It’s taking it’s sweet time because we want to do this right. Here goes…

This is Audrey Smoothspy. She is a superspy armed with a shrink ray. She is the hero of our next game coming this year to PC and VR.

And that’s it for now.

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All the best all the way & stay crazy,
Tomi Toikka