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Schrödinger’s Catland

Schrödinger’s Catland

Catland is dead – and alive. Full pivot to PC & consoles with new prototype Starship Saboteur.

Fans, friends, family, founders and funders – it’s time to face it. Virtual reality games as a consumer business isn’t going to cut it. At least, not the way we were going to do it. At least, not for us.

We knew this from the start (near end of 2017) when the virtual reality boom was dying down. Investors all across the landscape bailed and we found that just releasing a game on Steam and raking the dough wasn’t going to cut it – virtual reality gamers wanted more, they wanted better, we couldn’t deliver anything as amazing as the ones bigger than us could.

Others did it, but they did it better – they focused on virtual reality platforms instead of just game products, they grew and did their business on the enterprise side. VR indie games on our scale never had a chance. And we’re now seeing the price of that.

Our initial plan was to make games for both PC and VR using the same platform. Turns out, focusing on two things makes both editions suffer instead of being a smooth neat package – and the VR players were a very small (but very loyal) percentage of the total player base! And of course they show off a new Half-Life game in VR a few months after we decided to drop VR things – the timing could not be worse. But it’s something that must be done.

Catland is no longer a virtual reality company.

The old way isn’t going to cut it any more.

As of today, Catland is what we would call, Schrödinger’s Catland – in an indefinite hibernation period where the game studio is both alive and dead until we figure out how to work things out. But mostly dead, let’s not lie. No money is going in or out. No more virtual reality. We were working on something for PC & consoles in our last hours, something we are immensely proud of. We weren’t ready to show it. Until now.

Please meet the prototype of Starship Saboteur, a stealth action game for PC and Nintendo Switch.

Our game concept is this: what if you could sneak aboard huge massive spaceships, break everything inside and leave without a sound? Or go guns blazing, break windows to space everyone out, sabotage the shields to cause the enemy of your enemy to take your targets down.

Where three huge enemy faction armies are locked in a war and you are the only one able to stop it. With your crew, you will have to make a tough choice in each mission – one of the factions must be taken down and their huge starship with it. Where when you sabotage one faction, the others get stronger. Where you can sabotage an entire enemy faction out of the game.

A game based around player choice, where each choice would alter the entire galactic war. A game in which each level can be completed in any way you wish. A mashup of Helldivers, Hotline Miami, Hitman, FTL, Heat Signature and Warframe wrapped into a space opera story so juicy you can’t help but take a bite.

Sounds good? It is playable right now with a single mission ready, a 16 week prototype where you get to infiltrate the Celestial Cruiser Magellan. You can play it right now from this link:

Spread the word, we are looking for a publisher and investors to check if this game is something that they would love to help us make. And you, dear fans, we want to know if you would buy what we’re thinking of selling you! Maybe a Kickstarter? Maybe just Early Access? Maybe make enough noise and we’ll self-publish it? We don’t know! It all depends on how you like Starship Saboteur and if it would be something you would want to buy!

In-game in our latest prototype you will find a survey. Please fill it out and let us see if there’s a market for this!

So, Catland is in a weird place. No more virtual reality. But maybe Starship Saboteur. If you show your support for it. I completely understand that trying to sell you a topdown game after virtual reality is a bit odd – but that’s what we are all about, we are the studio that embraces insanity. What do you think of our strategy? Is there a space for virtual reality indie game studios?

In our horizon, a lot of waiting patiently and a lot of negotiating for publishing deals and funding opportunities. We shall hopefully return with good news – meanwhile, play our game and tell us what you think of it.

Until we meet again,

Tomi Toikka