Step into wonder


👢 Meet Audrey Smoothspy, the star of our next game.

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Here's what we do


Way past Agile

We ship games ultrafast and iterate endlessly on what makes things fun. We’re a small team of industry professionals from Finland doing what we do best – videogames!


Step into Wonder

We make games that make you think “What the hell are we playing right now”. Our games are for PC and VR – and they are both hilarious and ridiculous.

Embrace the Insanity

We’ll just throw you right into the crazy. Step into the shoes of a bartender in an inn full of crazy dwarves or become a superspy armed with banana peels!

Our games


Coming 2018



Our first title Taphouse VR is an exciting bartending experience set in a tavern full of thirsty dwarves! We are now on Steam Early Access for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft Mixed Reality. Taphouse VR is the best dwarf bartending simulator on the planet. It is an excellent first time VR experience with something for everyone – check it out on Steam!





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The people we are


CEO, Founder, Project Lead, Marketing, Game Design


Founder, Lead Programmer


Founder, Lead Programmer

Get in touch

Our offices are at Väinö Linnan Aukio 15, 33210 Tampere, Finland – and you can reach us easily over the phone or by shooting an e-mail.

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Tomi Toikka

CEO & Project Lead

(+358) 45 846 1006


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