📰 Starship Saboteur Prototype is available now for PC.

Catland ceased operations January 2020.

For more information, please read Schrödinger’s Catland, a note on the future of Catland




We are a small team making PC and console games that make you think “what the hell are we playing right now”.

Founded in 2017 in a sketchy Finnish bar at 2AM by dictator CEO Tomi Toikka, we work in central Tampere making games that are extremely fun to play and even more hilarious to watch someone else play.

We’ve grown so much in the short years we’ve been working together – we’ve won awards, raised funding rounds and shipped critically acclaimed video games. We’re quick to ship, fast to iterate, eager to refine and we dare when others do not. We have a passion for making wonderful things. 

We are known for our games Taphouse VR (2017) and The Spy Who Shrunk Me (2018).

Here’s what we do

CEO, Founder & Creative Director Tomi Toikka.

The whole idea is shipping great, weird games fast.

Base of Operations: Väinö Linnan aukio 15, 5th floor, 33210, Tampere, Finland

CEO: Tomi Toikka

Founded: July 10th 2017

Motto: Embrace Insanity

We have an idea how to make games right. We think a small, talented core team combined with great founders can ship great games that sell.

We’ve raised two funding rounds, won multiple awards and shipped two games with 80% average positive reviews on Steam. First MVP was made in just four months, second game in just ten.

The whole idea is shipping great, weird games fast. That’s the core of Catland and the heart of all what we do.

We’re way past agile

We are a Finnish team of six industry professionals shipping games ultrafast for PC, consoles & virtual reality.

Step into Wonder

We make videogames that make you think “What the hell are we playing right now”. Our games are hilarious and ridiculous to watch and play.

Embrace insanity

We’ll just throw you right into the crazy. Step into the shoes of a bartender in an inn full of crazy dwarves or become a superspy armed with banana peels and a shrink ray!

Our investors

Our games

December 2019
Made in just 16 weeks!

End a galactic war by sabotaging huge starships. A small prototype for a game that is all about stealth, action and player choice.

December 2018
80% Positive Steam Rating

Moscow, 1981. Agent Audrey Smoothspy is sent on a mission that is about to turn the Cold War into a fiery one. Steal a Soviet shrink ray, nab some banana peels and get to work – the future of the free world depends on your skills of stealth and subterfuge. Now on Steam.

October 2017
96% Positive Steam Rating

Our first title Taphouse VR is an exciting bartending experience set in a tavern full of thirsty dwarves! Now out for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft Mixed Reality. Taphouse VR is the best dwarf bartending simulator on the planet. It is an excellent first time VR experience with something for everyone – check it out on Steam!

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